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Adrenal & Cortisol Stress Test

Cortisol testing — a simple blood test that can detect issues associated with the adrenal gland

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Weight gain is often a survival response. Our bodies are under attack from all directions: too many processed foods, too many environmental toxins, and too many pressures of daily life- not to mention the heavy use of caffeine that we sometimes need to get through the day, especially when we have not had enough sleep.

Get your z’s

Insufficient sleep can throw off your cardiac rhythms. This means your adrenal glands have to work extra-hard to attain a normal rhythm of cortisol, a hormone associated with both stress and fat storage. When that rhythm is off, we become fatigued and overwhelmed more quickly, leading to weight gain that may develop into other chronic health issues. This slippery slope starts with not getting enough rest. So to prevent further weight gain, make getting enough rest a priority.

Do you struggle to lose weight and keep it off?

Your problem might be chronic stress! Our ancestors experienced short-term “flight for fight” stress for survival. But now we experience chronic stress from everyday modern life and feel “wired and tired”. We crave sweets, gain weight in our bellies and can’t sleep through the night. We feel defeated. But now there’s hope… take our simple assessment to see how you score.

Adrenal fatigue assessment

Check all the boxes that apply to you.

__ I am frequently tired.

__ I feel tired even after eight to ten hours of sleep.

__ I am chronically stressed.

__ It is difficult for me to handle stress.

__ I am a night-shift worker.

__ I work long hours.

__ I have little relaxation time during my days.

__ I get headaches frequently.

__ I don’t exercise consistently.

__ I am or have been an endurance athlete or participate in CrossFit.

__ I have erratic sleep patterns.

__ I wake up in the middle of the night.

__ I crave salt.

__ I crave sugar.

__ I have high sugar intake.

__ I have difficulty concentrating.

__ I carry weight in my midsection (an apple-shape body).

__ I have low blood sugar issues (hypoglycemia).

__ I have irregular periods.

__ I have a low libido.

__ I have PMS or perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms.

__ I get sick frequently.

__ I have low blood pressure.

__ I have muscle fatigue or weakness.

__ I rely on caffeine for energy (coffee, energy shots, etc.).


Fewer than 2 boxes checked: Great! Continue to manage your stress to support your adrenals and minimize the strain on your immune system.

From 2 to 5 boxes checked: Good! You may not need any additional adrenal supplementation, but do continue to eat a healthy clean diet, exercise, and practice stress relief techniques.

From 6 to 10 boxes checked: Warning! Get tested and take supplements to support adrenal health. Follow routine above and practice stress relief techniques.

More than 10 boxes checked: Danger! Adrenal fatigue can be a complex and challenging problem to treat, so make sure to get the support you need. Get tested, take supplements, try a detox diet, exercise, and practice stress relief techniques.

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