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My current health status includes (Select all that apply)
Hormonal imbalanceFood or product intolerance or sensitivityInsulin resistance or diabetesLow thyroid functionHereditary obesityElevated LDL cholesterolHigh BMIPolycystic Ovarian SyndromeHyperthyroidismIrregular menstrual cyclesPainful menstrual cyclesPremenstrual syndromeIrritable bowel syndromeAutoimmune disorder or disease

As it relates to my sleep patterns, I often (Select all that apply)
Get less than seven hours of sleep, two or more nights per weekHave trouble falling asleep at nightHave trouble staying asleep at nightNeed an alarm clock to wake up in the morningHave difficulty waking up in the morning and often feel like I need more sleepGet good sleep but still feel tired the next day more than once per week

On most days, I feel (Select all that apply)
TiredGreat but crash and burn toward the end of the dayIrritableUnable to focus or retain memory of certain things or tasksOverwhelmed or stressed outDisinterested in sexBloatedConstipatedUnusually coldSweatyDepressedHeartburn or indigestion

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